Sit back, relax and enjoy our one-of-a-kind barber shop.

From haircuts, facials and straight razor shaves - we’ve got you covered!

Open Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 7


VIP 110

90 minutes

This is for the whole barber experience including: a haircut, shave or beard trim, and facial. You’re the VIP and deserve the best.

Haircut 40

30 minutes

Any haircut using original barber methods. Starting with a complimentary hair wash and finishing with a straight razor to the back of the neck, a vacuum clean up, a second wash, and styled for the finale touch.

 Shave 50

30 minutes

A full traditional shave including; oils, creams, astringents, hot and cold towels, and the trademark straight razor blade.

Facial 35

30 minutes

A cleanse for your face. This includes a facial scrub, a hot towel and steamer, and ends with a black charcoal mask to clean out those pores.

Beard Trim 35

30 minutes

A beard trim for the short or long beard. Shaped how you want it and finishing with a hot towel, a straight razor line up and an astringent.

Clean Up/ Event Ready 25

15 minutes

For those you who have a special event or are in-between haircuts, the hair around the ears and the back of your neck are trimmed neatly to help last until your next cut. A complimentary hair wash and hair style will look and feel good finished with a straight razor blade and astringent.