Isaia Napoli Tailored Luxury Suits

The Isaia Napoli men’s suits collection was created for the dapper man inside all of us.

Isaia tailored luxury suits, sport coats and clothing has a way of pushing our boundaries. Every article of clothing is Italian to the max! Incredibly light and very natural tailoring is something anyone can fall in love with. It will change the way you look at high-end suits.

The Isaia man is like Naples. He knows how to go beyond shared definitions and stereotypical cliches. He’s passionate, sophisticated, irreverent, eclectic and elegant. Style for him is a matter of instinct. Dynamic, classic, contemporary and ever-changing, he is always searching for a defining and debonair style. He believes in uniqueness, something his clothing always expresses. Each piece from his custom men’s suit to the belt, tie and shoes that bring it all together offer up the most harmonious, simple and natural representation of his distinctive personality. His spontaneous, magnetic and natural elegance is tailor-made around his individuality, just as is his made-to-measure suit.


Find Your Fit

Create a similar defining style and suit that reflects your personality and class. Browse the entire Isaia Napoli collection at UWM Men’s Shop in Salt Lake City, UT. Feel the lightweight fabric and see for yourself the high-quality craftsmanship that defines these luxury tailored suits. We only select the best in high-end suits for our inventory. Every piece you see in our men’s fashion shop has been handpicked by our expert stylists for its unparalleled quality and superior style.

Schedule a fitting to get your made-to-measure Isaia suit slimmed and trimmed for your body type and figure, completing its sophisticated look. Even with the finest materials, we believe a suit is only as good as its precisely tailored end results. Our professional tailors at UWM provide our customers with that perfect fit with each and every suit. Contact or visit us in Salt Lake City to learn more or to see our entire Isaia Napoli luxury menswear collection.