Kiton Custom Tailored Suits

With the Kiton clothing collection, you’ll only find luxury beyond luxurious.

Kiton represents the best of the best. Since 1956, Kiton has stood at the top of men’s suiting. Kiton embodies the best of both Italian tailoring and Italian fashion. Their custom tailored suits are each carefully carefully crafted to embody a simple elegance that sets the bar high for luxury men’s suits. You won’t see these bold designs, colors, and high-quality fabrics anywhere else.

Their philosophy has always been very simple: work hard to achieve perfection – and if you can’t, start over again. Kiton blazers, shirts, and custom suits are the closest to perfection that we’ve found. And they’re available for a tailored fitting right here in Salt Lake City.

High-End Luxury Suits for the Modern Man

Redefine your style with the ultimate tailored luxury suits from Kiton. Because they are made-to-measure suits, this collection won’t feel constraining, but rather effortlessly moves with you.

Beyond their versatility and comfort, these custom-fitted suits are known for their luxury. They go a step above the rest in the quality of artistry and materials used to create their clothing line.

When you’re in search of high-end luxury suits, Kiton is the collection for you. Try on their various styles at UWM Men’s Shop in downtown Salt Lake City. Schedule an appointment with our stylists today to find that luxury look that’s made for you.

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