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Custom suits are a great avenue when you need something truly special and unique. Sometimes special occasions require exceptionally special clothes! The style of a one-of-a-kind suit really helps you stand out.



There are a few problems with shopping “off the rack”: you may not fit into the garment(s) exactly how you expect, you may not like the material or color the clothes are made of, or there may even be a defect in the clothing you’re looking at. We here at UWM Men’s Shop recognize these potential issues and offer our customers another option - custom suits. Our custom suits, produced mainly in Canada and Italy, are the best in the world.



The tailoring of a suit is just as important as the material it is made of. High quality tailoring and construction yields a high quality suit - the same goes for the material composition of the suit. Luckily, we have some of the best tailoring and manufacturing staff in the world. We take high quality textiles and let our master tailor(s) work their magic! Conveniently, you - the customer - are involved in every step of the process when putting together your custom suit. First, you and one of our made to measure specialists will look at swatches to pick your ideal fabric (we have plenty of swatches varying in material and price). Then, we take your measurements for the suit to fit just how you like it to. We then fill out an order slip, send it into our manufacturers, and wait roughly six weeks for your suit to arrive!



Our custom suits range from approximately $2,000 on up. The price is largely determined on the fabric you choose and the features on the suit. Check out all the options on your next visit into the store!

Custom Suits by Utah Woolen Mills

The thought of a custom suit is impossible to ignore for a true suit connoisseur.  There is something about having a suit specifically made just for you that feels so right - something that is uniquely yours, made only for you.

At UWM our most popular custom suits are our own private label Richards Street (hand made in Montreal, Canada). Right in the center of all our in-stock, ready-to-wear suits, we have a table dedicated specifically for this line of custom suits. We constantly get in new fabric swatches and keep our list updated and accurate - even throughout a season, to insure you have all the options you could possibly want. You will never have to worry about not finding a fabric that fits you and your style. We will even keep your measurements on file for the next round. This way when you absolutely love your suit and want another the process is quick and simple. Lead time on our custom suits is between 4-6 weeks.

We also have the availability to do custom suiting from Kiton,  Isaia, Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna and Canali.

Our Custom suits start at $1795 

Richards Street has profound importance for our store. Our original address was 28 Richards Street. We have chosen very special mills to produce our suits. They have a full canvas construction that enables the suit to drape to your own body and aides in providing you with a nice tailored look. Anyone who owns one of these suits understands why we have chosen to back this suit with such a significant name to our store.

Men's Bracelets | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center Mall

Fashion is a fluid and ever-changing concept; a spectrum with endless possibilities of dress and accessory combinations. Today, maybe more than ever, we are seeing these accessories paired with daring colors on contemporary clothing cuts. These components lead to a truly modern outfit - sophisticated, precise, eye-catching, and overall well put together. Bracelets and cufflinks are great accessories that can go along with nearly any outfit. With many different styles and colors available, there is surely an accessory to go well with the rest of your outfit.



Tateossian is a wonderful company out of England producing designer luxury jewellery for men and women. In store we carry their bracelets, but they also create top of the line cufflinks, tie clips, pins, and various other accessories. Nowadays, with style and fashion evolving so quickly, bracelets can act similarly to watches. A bracelet works as a nice and relatively simple piece to accent or compliment your composed outfit. In fact, you’ll see many of us employees proudly wearing these bracelets to enhance our attire!



Another great accessory are cufflinks. Similar to the bracelets, Tateossian produces top of the line cufflinks as well. Cufflinks were originally created to literally link the cuffs of your shirt. However, they have now evolved into an opportunity to personalize your outfit and add some flair. Here at UWM Men’s Shop, we carry quite a variety of cufflinks - from more “flashy” ones (like skulls or small flash drives) to traditional silver pieces. There is almost definitely a cufflink here that will catch your eye and can enhance your outfit.



Overall, accessories are meant to build upon and enhance an outfit. Whether you’re dressed formally and conservatively for an event, or more casually and loosely, there are accessories that can add that finishing touch that distinguishes you from the rest.

Canali | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center

“A family-run company now in its third generation, Canali is a modern-day design and manufacturing group with its own production centers all located in Italy and more than 1,800 employees worldwide. In addition to its 250 boutiques a number that continues to grow, the brand can also be found in over 1,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries across the globe.”


Canali is a high quality men’s brand based out of Italy. Founded by Giacomo and Giovanni Canali in 1934, they started as a family business. The company has now grown into an international business with over 1,700 employees. At Canali, “80 years of Made in Italy” goes into everything they create.


Canali really emphasizes the “fluidity” of the process of creating a garment, whether it be trousers, a sport coat, or a full suit. On their website, they cover this in “Rewind”, a short film going over the process of creating each garment. “Rewind is a three-minute film about everything that is hidden, everything that comes before the simple act of putting on a jacket. This journey transpires in reverse, like a melodic dance, moving backwards from the final creation all the way to the initial idea. All this to convey that there is nothing simple about the process and that behind every single detail lie many individuals, hundreds of steps, care, attention, and also, love. Rewind tells a story of passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork. As with a film or with any finished work of art, it is impossible to imagine just how much time and effort is involved.

This film is dedicated to all of this work. An homage for all those who work behind the scenes of that world.”


Canali prides themselves in using premium fabric, the latest fashion trends, and sartorial excellence to create all of their products. The Canali tailoring principle aims to achieve aesthetic perfection; anything short is sent back to the drawing board for revision.

Tuxedos | Formal Wear | Dinner Jackets | Salt Lake City, Utah

Suits may be our specialty, but we here at UWM Men’s Shop also carry a broad selection of evening wear, navy tuxedos, dinner jackets, cufflinks, tuxedo shirts and accessories.



Suits are signature and essential pieces of dress clothing. Meant for any number of occasions, a suit (or a few!) is a good go-to option to have in your closet; they can easily be dressed up or down. However, there are instances where more formal attire is preferred - this is where tuxedos come into play. A tuxedo is a more formal type of suit with a few differences, the main being the introduction of another contrasting material: satin.

20171212_121044 (1).jpg


Traditionally, tuxedos typically include satin accents on the lapels and satin stripes down the sides of the trousers. The buttons are also covered in satin, unlike an uncovered button on a normal suit. The lapels (the collar of the tuxedo) come in three styles: a notch lapel, a peak lapel, or a shawl lapel. The notch and peak lapels have breaks in them very much like a standard suit lapel. The shawl lapel is different and is a smooth, single, unbroken piece of fabric. They are typically worn with a bow tie and a tuxedo shirt (sometimes pleated) with cufflinks.


Tuxedos are best worn in more formal occasions. Some of these occasions include an opera, a ballet, a symphony, a formal dance or ball, exceptionally formal restaurants (as some establishments recommend you dress at least as formal as the waiter), or a formal reception.



The “tux” may be for more formal events, but there is plenty of reason to buy instead of rent. Renting tuxedos results in an incorrect fit and an uncomfortable night. A comfortable fit results in a confident fit; a fit that renting does not achieve. And when you feel good in your clothes, you look good in them also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: and we will be happy to answer any formal questions you might have. Also, we carry Tuxedos from $995 - $3795.

Utah Woolen Mills is now UWM Men's Shop

Utah Woolen Mills has evolved over an exciting 113 years in the fine clothing business. A rich history of first being established as a mill in 1905 made our business a household name for the finest woolen goods in the region. Later our business advanced to offering retail in the mid-1900’s. In recent years, we have been serving the Salt Lake City area with the finest clothing in the world, perfected by the best tailoring staff in the nation.


As we continue to grow as a business, we had some tough choices to make - we can only expand in so many directions! As a result, we have decided to close our women’s shop and expand our men’s department. This change also comes with an update of our store name to match what we are: a men’s fine clothing shop. We are excited to now be known as UWM Men’s Shop. We look forward to continuing to provide the finest suits and menswear along with the best tailoring.


At the brink of the new season, many new items line our racks that will perfectly round out any man’s wardrobe. From sport coats to full suiting, our associates help you build and navigate a cutting edge wardrobe that goes from boardroom to the fun stuff. Come in and see our variety of merchandise - I’m sure something will catch your eye.

Fall 2016 Sportcoats | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center

The classic man needs the classic jacket. The hybrid jacket, beyond unique it is a sport coat and we have ours that range our fabrics and and variations in them with Loro Piana fabrics. Making it a nice soft wool and we even have some with the cashmere touch to them as well. 

A nice night in the city dining out with co workers or friends. Hybrid jackets are a must they have a detachable bib that will zip right out. In the cold and if you pick up the storm system jacket they are wind proof no more need for a scarf wrapped around your neck. Once you are in the restaurant or a meeting unzip out the bib and you have an eloquent sport coat.  

I know big coats can be a hassle hanging them up at the door that does not even have to happen anymore. The most beautiful things are the classiest. Something that will stay in style no matter universal if you live in Florida you have a sport coat but when you go to New York you have the hybrid. It really is the beauty behind the madness of modern day fashion and the hottest item in our one hundred eleven year business in the fall.