Max Mara | City Creek Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

MaxMara is one of our star designers here in the Utah Woolen Mills women’s department.  Although the company was founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy, we only incorporated his timeless fashion into our store about two years ago.  Achille Maramotti had been designing fashion for 4 years already when he decided to grace the world with his talent- a decision that we are eternally grateful for.  The business today is still with the Maramotti family, being run by his two sons: Luigi and Ignazio, and his daugher: Ludovica.  This is a brand that started off promising fashion forward clothing of the highest quality, and has maintained that promise ever since

We love MaxMara here for exactly what Mr. Maramotti promised since the inception of his company.  No matter what pieces from his collections we bring into the store, we know that we will be getting the best quality with classic lines.  Even with these guarantees, though,  It is common for customers to worry that they won’t find an outfit for the occasion they need, that they will buy something which will quickly go out of style, that their purchase won’t be worth the amount they spent, or even that the classic style will be too boring for them.  All of these concerns, however, are for naught.

The greatest qualities about the MaxMara brand are the timeless styles, the diversity, and again- the quality.  It is because of these that we adamantly assure our customers that they have nothing to fret over when it comes to shopping in this brand.  As for the items going out of style- highly unlikely.  From pencil skirts to A-line dresses, MaxMara designs clothing that has been in style for decades and will continue to be in style for decades- or even centuries- to come.  Now if the worry is finding something for an occasion, or that the styles will be TOO classic, there is a solace for that as well.  This collection ranges from rain coats to formal dresses, and everything inbetween.  The best part is the fact that a fair amount of whimsical and fun is mingled with the elegant and classic- including pencil skirts with two different patterns between the front and the back, islet A-line skirts with a beautiful spring garden print, palm leaves on dresses and tops, peterpan collars, and pants with “Bonjour” and “Bonsoir” as the print.  All of which, when treated correctly, will remain a staple in closets for decades.