Ted Baker | City Creek Mall, Utah

Ted Baker has been in the fashion business for many many years. Known for their sense of humor, and playful fashion they are a brand that has taken the heart of many women. What most people don't know is that the founder of Ted Baker isn't names Ted, his name is in fact Ray Kelvin. Just like his design aesthetic, Ray thought the name Ted was much more fun that the name Ray. We are excited to be the only store in the City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City to carry Ted's full line.
This most recent collection really played on rich fall colors and a modern twist on beautiful classics. We love the mix of patterns and prints and the beautiful lines they are packaged into. They have been a huge hit for us in the store as well. While many of these looks have disappeared, there are still a few looks left for the taking to carry you through the rest of the winter and in to the spring.
While many different brands have gone quite masculine in their looks, Ted stays true to feminine beauty and finds ways to be true to women. The silhouette of each piece, paired with beautiful fabrics has made this season one everyone has loved!
City Creek Mall, located in Salt Lake City, has many lovely stores - but we are a little bias to our selection and love what Ted Baker has done to update our selection as well. They bring London Fashion to Salt Lake. We carry their full selection of products from apparel to hand bags and accessories too!
It's never too late to come in and check out our full selection of Ted Baker items. We are happy to tailor them to your specifications and make them look just how Ted (Ray) intended them to look. Come check us out on 59 West South Temple (the North West corner of City Creek Mall), right across the street from Temple Square downtown.