Ted Baker | Salt Lake City, Utah

Since launching as a shirt specialist in Glasgow in 1987, Ted Baker has quickly become one of the UK's leading fashion retailers.

With quality, attention to detail and an idiosyncratic sense of humor at its core, we've earned its reputation as “No Ordinary Designer Label” and now offer a wide range of collections including menswear, womenswear, accessories, fragrances, eyewear and more.

Ted Baker Women’s have a varied product lines including clothing (dresses, shirts, trousers…) accessories (bags, jewelries, shoes…), lifestyle (audio, home fragrance, luggage), and “edited” which is series in specific designs and themes.

Today it’s my honor to introduce you three collections that combine fashion, creativity and beauty.

(Source: http://www.tedbaker.com/ca/Womens/c/category_womens)

Pinch Me

Spring is coming! Change is coming! As Ted Baker’s SS15 collection, it’s so fanciful and inspiring that bursts into life with flashes of bold print, strong textured fabrics and colors so vivid they may just be a pigment of your imagination!

Ted’s SS15 womenswear collection is the perfect transition into spring style. Punchy pinks, pretty pastels and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nudes illuminate floral motifs and modern graphic prints.

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Magic Moments

Blessed are Modern Cinderella, Ted worked his magic to give you a charming gown to fulfill every one of your fairy tale!

Let’s enjoy some Ted Baker’s captivating collection of occasion wear.


Floral bodice dress: Ted’s pairing of a vintage feel silhouette and an embroidered pure floral crop top give you the perfect balance of femininity and freshness.


Distinguishing rose coat: The ravishing RAFELL is a coat that has spring style covered. Ted’s swathed his ladylike cut with a distinguishing rose print to give your look a truly feminine finish.

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Embellished jacquard tulip dress: Sparkle and shine at your next event with Ted’s beautifully embellished jacquard dress. A ladylike shape in a striking design, HAZLE has all you need to make an elegant impression at a glamorous get-together.

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Pretty Little Things

Prints take on a whole new dimension this season. There are three of Ted’s SS15 favorites in action.

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Pure Peony

Inspired by beautiful springtime bouquets, Ted picked this delicate and ladylike print especially for you.

Paisley Toucan

No ordinary dress, Ted’s tantalizing tunic will bring a touch of the tropics to your summer wardrobe.


Ted’s exquisitely exotic mirrored tropics filled with hot house blooms are a luscious way to work fantastical florals wherever you are in the world.

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