Tyler Boe | Salt Lake City, Utah

Recently at Utah Woolen Mills we have started to carry a brand that is unavailable at any other locations in the state of Utah. This brand is actually a women's brand that will well known and respected for their quality and attention to detail. It is Tyler Boe.

Tyler Boe is known for their trademark logo the dragonfly. This is discreetly woven into each piece of their clothing. The dragonfly symbolizes change. This change is shown throughout their products as it is reflected in their contemporary yet causal, updated look.  

One of the things that stands out about Tyler Boe is their great fitting ladies trouser. They stretch in so that they fit well, feel great and look flattering. Many of their trousers have a slit at the back on the bottom of the leg by the ankle. 

Their shirts and coats all have excellent detailing. The "little things" that cause those that see you to have no choice other than to ask you what and where you purchased such a beautiful article of clothing. Many of their coats have pleats down the back. Their coats also come in a variety of fabrics to accompany the flattering cut. 

You will not be disappointed with the Tyler Boe we carry in our store. They have reputation that is so valuable that we are willing to put our Utah Woolen Mills name behind it.