Custom Suits by Utah Woolen Mills

The thought of a custom suit is impossible to ignore for a true suit connoisseur.  There is something about having a suit specifically made just for you that feels so right - something that is uniquely yours, made only for you.

At UWM our most popular custom suits are our own private label Richards Street (hand made in Montreal, Canada). Right in the center of all our in-stock, ready-to-wear suits, we have a table dedicated specifically for this line of custom suits. We constantly get in new fabric swatches and keep our list updated and accurate - even throughout a season, to insure you have all the options you could possibly want. You will never have to worry about not finding a fabric that fits you and your style. We will even keep your measurements on file for the next round. This way when you absolutely love your suit and want another the process is quick and simple. Lead time on our custom suits is between 4-6 weeks.

We also have the availability to do custom suiting from Kiton,  Isaia, Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna and Canali.

Our Custom suits start at $1795 

Richards Street has profound importance for our store. Our original address was 28 Richards Street. We have chosen very special mills to produce our suits. They have a full canvas construction that enables the suit to drape to your own body and aides in providing you with a nice tailored look. Anyone who owns one of these suits understands why we have chosen to back this suit with such a significant name to our store.

St. John Clothing | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center Mall

The ladies department here at Utah Woolen Mills is overjoyed to finally be carrying the elegant St. John knits in our store!  While the quality and craftsmanship of each piece speaks for itself, I am a firm believer that the company’s story lends true magic to the worth of it all.

St. John was founded in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray when Marie saw a knitting machine and thought she may as well design her own dresses.  The couple dove head on into this project, and three years later they developed a unique wool yarn with a special twist that would become the brand’s signature.  In order to provide consistent high quality clothing, St. John twisted and dyed all of this yarn in-house- even going so far as to eventually hire their own chemist to ensure the highest quality dyes are used to create the richest colors possible.  Eventually the brand would branch out into more exotic textiles and knitting techniques in order to provide the highest quality and most up-to-date fashion for their customers, but they never faltered on twisting and dyeing the fabrics in their own factory.  This dedication to quality and uniqueness had no limits which can be seen in every button put onto their clothing.  In the 1980’s, the brand opened its own button and jewelry manufacturing warehouse, so that only the best material and craftsmanship would go into their designs.  

 Astonishingly, less than a decade after its inception, St. John landed its line in the big league stores: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Now their pieces can be seen on anyone from supermodel Gisele Bündchen to former First Lady Michelle Obama.  It only took one look at the classic, unique, and stunning designs for us to know that this fairly young line would be the perfect match for our store.  It was love at first sight for us, and we are sure that it will be for you, too!


Fall 2016 Sportcoats | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center

The classic man needs the classic jacket. The hybrid jacket, beyond unique it is a sport coat and we have ours that range our fabrics and and variations in them with Loro Piana fabrics. Making it a nice soft wool and we even have some with the cashmere touch to them as well. 

A nice night in the city dining out with co workers or friends. Hybrid jackets are a must they have a detachable bib that will zip right out. In the cold and if you pick up the storm system jacket they are wind proof no more need for a scarf wrapped around your neck. Once you are in the restaurant or a meeting unzip out the bib and you have an eloquent sport coat.  

I know big coats can be a hassle hanging them up at the door that does not even have to happen anymore. The most beautiful things are the classiest. Something that will stay in style no matter universal if you live in Florida you have a sport coat but when you go to New York you have the hybrid. It really is the beauty behind the madness of modern day fashion and the hottest item in our one hundred eleven year business in the fall. 

Fall Trends | High End Clothing | City Creek Center Mall

Fall Trends

This year we are seeing some cool thins coming down the fashion pipeline. Here are some must haves to keep you on trend:


Sneakers continue to be one of the biggest trends in menswear. We love the look of a good sneaker paired with a suit too (if you can get away with it at the office). It's a great way to stand out, have a casual vibe and stay super comfy throughout the day. In the coming weeks we will have some coming from Ermenegildo Zegna that are sure to make you rethink your Nike's (stay tuned for more details on that).

Big Cuffs:

This trend was noticed last year and is the front running detail in trousers. The standard size cuff is a 2" cuff but if you wanna be on the more extreme, the bigger the better - at least up until 2 1/2 inches. Throw a cuff on your heavier fabrics, or heavy patterns. It adds weight, shape and style to any slack.

Double Breasted Overcoats:

Like most things in fashion, styles are all cyclical - getting better each time around. 2016/17 is the year of the old school overcoats (of course, still fitted and tailored close like modern clothing should be). Unlike coats of the past, the brighter the better too. We love the coats that Isaia is putting out this year and we jumped on a bright red DB coat that is sure to turn heads.

Wider Stripped or Paisley Ties:

The 70's have heavily influenced menswear this year and ties are no exception to that. Please toss away those skinny ties and get back to classic neckwear. Paisleys and striped dominate the sceen and look great with your wider lapeled suits. The beauty of a paisley tie is in the ability to combine colors with your jacket and shirts.

High End Stores | City Creek Mall | Salt Lake City, Ut

We all know that these days there are plenty of places to get cheap clothing. Fast fashion has taken over the way we things and live - unless you have worn that stuff more that a couple of times. Some people still want something better - something real, genuine and quality. We live for high end shopping at Utah Woolen Mills. Here, you will find the best of the best like Kiton, Brioni, and Isaia. The fabrics are of the highest quality, and the construction is unmatched.

Thanks to our master tailors, we guarantee the perfect fit. In our store we can fit you no need for full custom anymore even though it is a possibility, with our tailors and design team we will fit you and your needs. People from all over the world come to our specialty shop to see the most luxurious items in the world. What makes us so different is that we are experts in fits. We are certain the right fit the right time. Recently, I went shopping just to see what was new in other stores around the city. It's hard to find a store with products and people that are as passionate as we are about our craft and our products. 

            We take pride in our growth as a company and store. 111 years this year and we still have the highest quality in Kiton, Brioni, Isaia, and our house brand Richard Street. And things are coming in constantly. It is a must to come in 59 W. South Temple. For those who want something a little more sophisticated, who don't want to be wearing the same things your teenage children are wearing, there is a better way. From polos to tuxes, a higher level of quality will lift your game to the next level. We are so proud to be Salt Lake's premier store for high end shopping and high end fashion. Come in and just try things on and all the sudden the prices seem to melt away. 

Luxury. Fashion. Utah Woolen Mills.


Brioni | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni continues to be a leading innovator in the fashion industry. In addition to putting on the first ever men’s fashion show, Brioni was one of the first brands to introduce luxury materials such as silk and brocade into the construction of its suits. The result was a trim silhouette with unmatched style and sophistication. The fashion house was named for the Croatian island of Brijuni, a popular getaway destination for Italian aristocrats throughout the 20s and 30s. Everything about the brand exudes influence and status.
Today, the tradition and name live on. What sets Brioni apart from any other is the laborious, painstaking detail that goes into every element of the suits they craft. They are entirely handmade from only the finest materials from around the globe, including cashmere, baby alpaca, super-spun wools, silk, and silk-blends. Every tailor is taught for four years before they are even allowed to handle fabrics for clients. They are obsessed with perfection, so much so that every element of their products is kept exclusively in house. Nothing is ever rushed. It takes about 28 hours of diligent work before a suit is even considered complete. The beauty lies in the detail and timeless style embodied through every fiber of fabric. Additionally, Brioni is well known for its bespoke suits. Unlike a “made to measure” suit, a Brioni bespoke is tailored not to a certain design, but to the exact specifications of one person. It provides the wearer with a truly unique and lasting suit. 

The Brioni name symbolizes elegance, power, and perfection, as do those that wear it. Along with numerous celebrities, pop stars, and politicians, Brioni is most commonly recognized as the “James Bond” suit. It inspires an aura of unrivaled confidence, quality, and affluence.

Isaia Napoli | City Creek Center | Salt Lake City

At Utah Woolen Mills we believe in the balance of tradition and innovation. We strive to bring in only the best of what embraces those values we believe in.  Isaia is definitely some of the best at pushing boundaries in fashion while focusing on comfort true to the Neapolitan tradition. Naples is a large city full of vibrant color, culture and tradition on the west coast of Italy. The Neapolitan style embraces the costal colors but more importantly the culture of leisure, making comfort a staple. Those who live in Naples know that even relaxing is a time for looking good. Dressing in the Neapolitan style is a sure way to set yourself apart from the average man.

“The Isaia man is like Naples. He knows how to go beyond shared definitions and stereotypical clichés. Passionate, sophisticated, irreverent, eclectic and elegant, style for him is a matter of instinct. Dynamic, classic, contemporary, and ever-changing, he is always searching for his own style. He believes in uniqueness and his clothing expresses the most harmonious, simple and natural representation of his personality. His spontaneous, magnetic and natural elegance is tailor-made around his individuality.” 

The way Isaia clothing looks, on who wears it, is unique and obvious. Putting on any sport coat or suit made by the Neapolitan business will always leave a lasting impression. The Spring collection of 2016 brings in plenty of color and pattern to make the most out of the summer.  

The brand shares a similar belief as we do: “The brand's success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and to combine tradition with innovation, the sartorial culture of needle and thread with cutting-edge technologies, while constantly innovating its style”. 

That’s what we believe in at Utah Woolen Mills and that’s why Isaia is a perfect match for us from its style to its history.

Max Mara | City Creek Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

MaxMara is one of our star designers here in the Utah Woolen Mills women’s department.  Although the company was founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy, we only incorporated his timeless fashion into our store about two years ago.  Achille Maramotti had been designing fashion for 4 years already when he decided to grace the world with his talent- a decision that we are eternally grateful for.  The business today is still with the Maramotti family, being run by his two sons: Luigi and Ignazio, and his daugher: Ludovica.  This is a brand that started off promising fashion forward clothing of the highest quality, and has maintained that promise ever since

We love MaxMara here for exactly what Mr. Maramotti promised since the inception of his company.  No matter what pieces from his collections we bring into the store, we know that we will be getting the best quality with classic lines.  Even with these guarantees, though,  It is common for customers to worry that they won’t find an outfit for the occasion they need, that they will buy something which will quickly go out of style, that their purchase won’t be worth the amount they spent, or even that the classic style will be too boring for them.  All of these concerns, however, are for naught.

The greatest qualities about the MaxMara brand are the timeless styles, the diversity, and again- the quality.  It is because of these that we adamantly assure our customers that they have nothing to fret over when it comes to shopping in this brand.  As for the items going out of style- highly unlikely.  From pencil skirts to A-line dresses, MaxMara designs clothing that has been in style for decades and will continue to be in style for decades- or even centuries- to come.  Now if the worry is finding something for an occasion, or that the styles will be TOO classic, there is a solace for that as well.  This collection ranges from rain coats to formal dresses, and everything inbetween.  The best part is the fact that a fair amount of whimsical and fun is mingled with the elegant and classic- including pencil skirts with two different patterns between the front and the back, islet A-line skirts with a beautiful spring garden print, palm leaves on dresses and tops, peterpan collars, and pants with “Bonjour” and “Bonsoir” as the print.  All of which, when treated correctly, will remain a staple in closets for decades.  

Santoni Shoes | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek

Excellence is a habit, not an accident. It is taking the time to put your best foot forward everyday, in every situation. It is the foundation to success and a good life. At Utah Woolen Mills, we are here to help you build that foundation and put your best foot, or perhaps shoe, forward. That shoe is Santoni.

Born out of the Marche, a bourgeoning area of Italy on the Adriatic Coast, Santoni was founded by Andrea and Rosa Santoni in 1975. While other manufacturers of the era would pride themselves on quantity, Santoni was focused staunchly on quality. Every process is overseen with impeccable quality control. Each leather is selected and inspected by a backlit magnifying lens, where only the finest are kept. Truly hand stitched and as close to bespoke as a shoe could get, they exemplify Italian craftsmanship. It is commitment to quality that keeps this family owned business on the forefront of men's fashion.

What is most striking though, is the depth of color. By hiring artists and art students to individually paint each shoe, you are ensured a truly singular pair. The crocodile skin is especially stunning, with care taken to shade and outline each scale. Very few companies would take the time! These details are subtle, but even from a distance you can tell there is a magic in Santoni. The leathers have an almost HD effect, ensuring you will turn heads as you go about your day. 

Here at Utah Woolen Mills we are proud to carry the Santoni line. Like Santoni, we pride ourselves on carrying only the finest, on classic construction, and on being fashion forward. They are the perfect compliment to a well tailored suit, a sport coat with slacks, or paired down with denim and a polo. They are a wonderful foundation to your wardrobe, and dressing well is an excellent habit to have.

Kiton | City Creek Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

When I say the phrase 24 hours, you might think of the length of a day or a week at a part-time job. I think of Kiton. That is the minimum number of hours it takes to make one jacket, by hand, in the Kiton factory. Painstakingly sewn, each jacket is as much a work of art as the clothes on your back. For those privileged enough to try one on, you will know just what I mean.


Starting in 1956, fifth generation fabric merchant Ciro Paone co-founded Kiton with Antonio Carola. In 1968 the brand launched and is currently run by Antonio Paone and Antonio De Matteis, nephews of Ciro. Since their humble beginnings, they now employ over 350 tailors, the majority of which are younger than 40. In a world of fast, disposable fashion, it is a good sign that they are sticking around.


Keeping in line with their origins as a fabric merchant, they have some of the most limited textiles in the industry. Woven in their own factory of Lanificio Carlo Barbera, Only 17 suits or 22 jackets can be made out of any given fabric, making sure you will never blend in with the crowd. It is this exclusivity, and the immense amount of time needed that upholds their motto The best of the best plus one.


Starting at $7495 for a sport coat, they are the premier designer we carry. At the upper end of their tailoring you have the K-50 line, taking a single tailor 50 hours to produce. For the right price, you can even have a master tailor fly to you for the bespoke process. Exquisite is an understatement!Next chance you have, come on down and try one. You will know in an instant that somebody took the time to make it right. It is a rare thing in this world, and an experiencewe are excited to share.


Brioni | Salt Lake City, Utah


Brioni, the venerable Italian menswear maker, is named for an archipelago off the Croatian coast frequented by Europe’s rich and famous in the first decades of the 20th century the brand still bespeaks money, power, and success, having won a passionate following among CEOs, movie stars, and assorted world leaders.


Founded in 1945 in Rome by master tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and businessman Gaetano Savini, Brioni sought from the start to challenge conventional fashion. It introduced innovative color palettes, and fabrics, and staged the menswear industry’s first fashion show, in 1952, at the Pitti Palace in Florence. The brand announced its arrival in the U.S. in 1964 by draining the fountains at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel and transforming them into a runway.


In Brioni you find the most most precious fibers in all the world. If you want to have the best of the best look no further. With the suits gong from $6,900 to even a $17,000 with a super-210 wool. They are the company that has 220 steps and more than 24 hours of effective workmanship.

Brioni is a deeply rooted family. If you want to look the best. Then look no further, CEO, movie stars, and so many world leaders. The brand will always speak power, success, and money. Power is something men love to have. What Brioni does they speak power with what you wear. If you want something you can wear in a meeting or just walking around downtown Brioni is a must. With how much business men love to speak with power and authority it is a must to wear what you say.


With how I have seen men dress we all want something that is the best and that will last. With the super-210 wool that is what you will get! The price tag is much less in the future with how much you will get out of it. If you want to be the best of the best wear best of the best.

Kiton | City Creek Center Mall

Kiton is world renown for being one of the most luxurious companies on the planet. We are so fortunate to have them in our store. So far, this brand has been a huge hit here in Salt Lake City. We have received our full Spring '16 shipment and wanted to share images of what we have with you.  From sportswear to suits, we have something for every occasion.

13.2 Micon Suits

The diameter of a human hair measures between 65-85 microns in width - microscopically. The diameter of wool typically varies between 18-21 microns. Kiton, of course, working with the best of the best has suits of 13.2 microns. These fabrics feel like lightweight cashmere, but are in fact wool. With hairs so thin, they keep their durability while also maintaining the other identities of wool that people love.

 Kiton Men Spring Summer 2016 (3)

Sport Coats

Let's be honest, in today's world the easiest way to stand out is simply by wearing a nice sport coat. Paired with jeans or slacks, dressed up or dressed down it's the easiest way to make a statement. With Kiton, they like 'em loud and bright - drawing of their Neapolitan surroundings.

Kiton Men Spring Summer 2016 (35)Kiton Men Spring Summer 2016 (13)


Few companies on the planet have the level of luxury that Kiton has in things that you can wear on the daily. Their leathers are unheard of, their fabrics so elegant and soft and of course to the comfort level is unbelievable. These pieces have been a huge hit for us so far this Spring. The first image shows a perforated leather jacket that is made from an incredibly lightweight goat swede. The details could be in an art museum. The second image is an all silk exterior, cashmere interior rain jacket that will actually wick the rain.

Kiton Men Spring Summer 2016 (18)Kiton Men Spring Summer 2016 (20).

Remember, with Kiton, they only produce 17 suits and 26 sport coat in each fabric. Exclusivity is very important to us with this brand so quantities are incredibly limited. Step up your Spring game with these incredible pieces!

Santoni | Salt Lake City, Utah

When it comes to men's footwear, few brands hold a candle to Santoni. Made in Italy from luxury leathers, they mold to your feet and keep you happy all day long - not to mention are likely to turn heads. Here are UWM we are happy to announce that we are now carrying a large selection of Santoni shoes that you will not otherwise find.
Since Santoni has become one of the most popular shoes in the world, you can find them in many different places. Knowing this ahead of time, we decided to buy Santoni a little different that anyone else. The styles that we carry in our store are more unique and not nearly as mass produced as what other stores carry.
We will be carrying a large selection of Santoni models in loafers as well. They make their loafers with a leather sole that has been infused with oils. These oils soften the leathers and make it so the show feels worn in from the first time you slip it on. With summer right around the corner, a lightweight loafer is just what the Dr. ordered.

Ermenegildo Zegna | Salt Lake City, Utah

    2000px-Ermenegildo_Zegna_Logo.svg (1)
We are so excited to announce the latest member of the Utah Woolen Mills Family - Ermenengildo Zegna! Zegna is one of the largest menswear companies in the world and we are so pumped for them to join our line up. Having never been sold in Utah, and also bring the first new account for them in 5 years, we think you'll really love what we are bringing!
Starting in 1910, Zegna quickly gained popularity for their  beautiful fabrics produced by their mills. It wasn't until 1966 that they hired in house tailors and began producing their own suits with their fabrics. In 1973 Zegna was one of the first Italian brands to internationalize their production, opening factories in Spain in 1973 and Switzerland in 1977. During the 1980s, the company opened flagship stores in sixteen different countries.
Enough about the past, let's talk about the present. One of the things that Zegna has become most known for is their incredible sportswear. With incredible leathers and wools, cashmeres and merinos they are truly a brand you can wear every day of your life. We have decided to buy heavily in their sportswear (pictures of what is coming in the Fall will be on our blog soon).
Our official launch date of Zegna is going to be September 22nd in connection with another surprise (can't give away all of our secrets, but we promise you are going to like this one). By then we will have their full line in the store - suits, sportcoats, outerwear, shirts and ties. We will also have available the following season swatches for MTM suits.

Ted Baker | City Creek Mall, Utah

Ted Baker has been in the fashion business for many many years. Known for their sense of humor, and playful fashion they are a brand that has taken the heart of many women. What most people don't know is that the founder of Ted Baker isn't names Ted, his name is in fact Ray Kelvin. Just like his design aesthetic, Ray thought the name Ted was much more fun that the name Ray. We are excited to be the only store in the City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City to carry Ted's full line.
This most recent collection really played on rich fall colors and a modern twist on beautiful classics. We love the mix of patterns and prints and the beautiful lines they are packaged into. They have been a huge hit for us in the store as well. While many of these looks have disappeared, there are still a few looks left for the taking to carry you through the rest of the winter and in to the spring.
While many different brands have gone quite masculine in their looks, Ted stays true to feminine beauty and finds ways to be true to women. The silhouette of each piece, paired with beautiful fabrics has made this season one everyone has loved!
City Creek Mall, located in Salt Lake City, has many lovely stores - but we are a little bias to our selection and love what Ted Baker has done to update our selection as well. They bring London Fashion to Salt Lake. We carry their full selection of products from apparel to hand bags and accessories too!
It's never too late to come in and check out our full selection of Ted Baker items. We are happy to tailor them to your specifications and make them look just how Ted (Ray) intended them to look. Come check us out on 59 West South Temple (the North West corner of City Creek Mall), right across the street from Temple Square downtown.

Double Breasted Suit | Salt Lake City, Utah

You may have seen glimpses of people online bringing double breasted suits back and we have got to say that we love the new look! Slim, trim, updated and fitted. We have a few models in the store with more to come - and of course we can always custom make you one! Let's take a look at the updated version of the new double breasted jackets - where they come from and where they are now.




The 90's are a great place to start if you ever want to easily see how far menswear has come. Take these double breasted suits for example. At this time, Pierce Brosnan was in peak physical condition but looks like he has never lifted a weight. Brad Pitt was in Fight Club shape, but again, looks like the kid we all picked on. A draping full fit never did anybody any good. If you are out there cringing at the thought of double breasted coming back, we don't blame you if this is the image in your head.




These images make it pretty easy to see the dramatic difference between the two eras of double breasted. The button stance of the jackets is higher on the new version, the sleeves tapered, waist slim. They accentuate the chest how a proper suit should and highlight masculine areas. Isaia double breasted suits, as seen above in charcoal, has really been the front runner in terms of style. They are the most purchased high end double breasted jacket - and we may be a little bias, but are some of our favorites as well. Other contenders would be Kiton or our own Richards Street.

Come on in and try out a double breasted jacket and see what the update can do for you and your inner Bond.

Daniel Wellington | Salt Lake City, Utah

In the world of watches, there are so many different types, brands, styles and looks to tempt yourself with. A watch is still a staple piece for any man - even though we all know you're using your phone to check the time. Watches now have become more of an accessory to what you are wearing than a necessity for time keeping. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to a new watch for us out of Sweden, Daniel Wellington.

Daneil Wellington watches are a perfect, simple, minimal addition to your wardrobe. With so many options for both faces and bands, they complete whatever your are wearing whether it be casual or formal. Around here, we are big fans of the casual bands you see above. Punching up your watch game to a new casual level.

DW also makes great watches for women too. Most women have a hard time finding a watch that is a great minimal addition not taking away from the rest of their attire, but these watches really do just this. They are simple, clean and feminine (especially with the colored bands).

Christmas is right around the corner - yeah, we know right?! At just around $200 these watches make great gifts for anyone (or yourself). We have a killer selection of both men's and women's watches in our store. We would also be happy to order anything that you may have seen online as well. Daniel Wellington watches have a huge social media presence. Join the movement and grab one today!

Utah Woolen Mills 59 West South Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Tyler Boe | Salt Lake City, Utah


Sports and casual styles has become more and more popular recently, either you do exercise or just take a walk; sportswear makes you feel comfortable and looks vigorous. Today it’s our pleasure to introduce you an instant hit sportswear brand: tyler boe.

tyler böe was founded in 2001, and it’s the cooperative vision and design of Sam & Karol Boe, from the historical green in Bedford Village, New York. It is an excitingly chic collection of sportswear designed for today’s modern, yet sophisticated woman. Their trademark logo, the dragonfly, is discreetly woven into each piece of our collection. It represents revolution.

Their designs are motivated by color, enriched by the touch and feel of each garment, combining the deluxe textures of the finest European Mills with the sourcing skills of the Far East. They are dedicated to the mantra “attention to detail”, whether it is custom buttons, innovative washes or simply the hidden dragonfly logo. These all make the tyler böe clothing outstandingly recognizable. They continue to build their brand which they are highly aware of what they collection stands for and will endeavor to achieve constant evolution of their styles and design.

Their product lines cover many kinds of women clothing: shirt, jacket, polo, pullover, cardigan, sweater, dress, dress topper, trouser, zip back, and rain sticker etc.


This summer looking tunic shirt is made of 100% cotton with attractive abstract skin, plus grosgrain detail on cuff and inside collar. It combines relaxed and bright and comfortable.


Simple black and white designed pullover, stripe front with checkboard back and sleeves in silk/cotton shows changeable in modest way. Fine gauge not only perfect fit your body, but also exaggerates your shape.

Weather right techno jacket combines functionality (water repellent, detachable hood, double faced, adjustable sleeves, snap pockets) and stylish appearance. It’s perfectly suitable for any weather!

             Tyler Boe has become one of our favorite sportwear lines in out women's department. It's remarkable how well their clothing fits and feels. Their slacks have become a must have item for all of our customers. Current, hip and flattering - they really know how to make things feel easy and look good.


Seven Fold Tie | Salt Lake City, Utah

What are your considerations when you want to purchase a tie? Price, color, pattern, width, and designer brand usually get more attentions. However, tie’s construction could be a very important factor. In general, there are many types of tie, today I’d like to introduce you the most classic and luxurious tie: seven-fold tie.

Unlike most ties, which are made with some pieces of fabric sewn together, the true seven fold tie was constructed from one large piece of silk, which was unlined and accordion folded in on itself 7 times. The edges are hand-rolled and hand-stitched. It is emphasized on all handmade process and pure silk material. That’s why seven-fold tie is so impeccable; it has a thicker feel, incomparable drape, a larger looking tie knot, and a more hefty weight.

Labor intensity and quality of material drive the tie's high price, but a seven-fold shows its value when suitably worn. The lack of lining allows the tie to knot without binding and creates an attractive dimple that spreads luxuriantly down from the neck. It drapes perfectly and never takes on the awkward folds of a liner. Another great thing about the seven fold tie is that it has greater reflex than standard ties - meaning that when you untie your knot, the folds, wrinkles and creases with disappear much faster. There is something wonderful about handmade items and a a tie should also be handmade.

As Oscar Wilde observed, “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” everyone should have a fine tie to put their best foot forward. Also, a necktie is one of the few items through which a man can reveal his personality or mood, so make a smart choice when choosing your next necktie.

At Utah Woolen Mills we are the only store in the state that carries 7 fold ties. Come in and check out our collection from Brioni, Robert Talbott, Dolce Punta, Italo Ferreti and Isaia!

Slim Fit Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah

          As we always emphasize, “fitting” is the most important priority for wearing a suit. In general, there are three kinds of suit fit: classic fit which is loose and comfortable, contemporary fit which is also comfortable but yet not loose, and slim fit which is tight and fit wearer close to their body. Along with the development of suits model and baggy clothing trends was gone in early 2000s, many people tend to wear a slim fit suit to show image of neat and agile and modern style.


            Today, it’s our pleasure to tell you what parts of slim fit suit are meticulous designed to differ from other models.

            Shoulder: A narrower point-to-point shoulder measurement. Cut to follow the natural line of the body. Smaller and softer shoulder pads also characterize the slim-fit. Create a modern and sharp outline.


            Arm and Sleeve: Narrow width of the arm with a higher armhole. Slimmer silhouette fitted through the sleeve. The jackets are usually shorter in length than their regular fit counterparts. Express a slender aesthetic.

            Lapel: Slim fit jackets traditionally have a slightly higher and narrower lapel with an upper gorge.

            Waist: Sharply tapered waist. Slim fit suits allow for a slimmer waist in jackets. Create a streamlined effect.

            Length and buttons: Offering the shortest length to make a sleek silhouette. Most slim suits will have a single-breasted coat with two buttons rather than three with a higher button stance.

            Thigh: slim-fit suit pants will always have flat-front design. Cut close to the body to create a neat line.

            Calf: Sitting closely parallel to each lower leg, with a thorough slim cut.

            Cuff: Generally hugging the ankle, ending in a small leg opening. Build a neat finish.



As you can see, there are so many details and designs in slim fit suits to create a modern and fresh look. Looking into the future of slim fit suits you will start to notice the same silhouette, with slightly larger features. Wide lapel widths, wide slack cuffs, and wider ties. This is a more Neapolitan style which has really been in vogue recently. Slim is in, and we are happy to fit you up!