"It's not about the clothing.

It's about empowering the people who wear it."

Our Story

Established in 1905, UWM has been through many different challenges - from total city renovations to depressions, recessions and other difficulties. Utah Woolen Mills is a family business - now in our 5th generation. We consider ourselves very fortunate to still be in the family and to still be ever evolving as fashion always does. We search the globe to find unique, high quality clothing that cannot otherwise be found in the State (and even neighboring states). We also pride ourselves on having the best tailoring staff in the country! We would put these guys up against anyone! We are excited for the future and are grateful for our history.


Shopping for clothing should be a blast! At UWM that 's exactly what we plan on giving you. We are old school in our Customer Service mentality. For us, it's not about selling you one things one time, it's about creating lasting relationships. Like Cheers, we want this place to be where everybody knows your name. We will keep track of your measurements and the things that you like so you can simply enjoy yourself when you come. While the world around us gets more disconnected, we want you to feel like your coming back home every time you step in our doors.


1) Do you offer tailoring?

Yes! We do! We have incredible in house tailors. Our general turn around time for tailoring is 1 week for things purchased from UWM, and 2-3 weeks for things purchased outside the store.  That being said, for special occasions and emergencies, we are happy to do same day rushes if we can. Tailoring for items purchased in the store is complimentary (with a few extreme exceptions). Tailoring for items purchased elsewhere have varying costs depending on the amount of time needed.

2) Where can I park?

We are fortunate enough to have our own private parking lot located down the ramp on the West side of our building. 

3) Do you sell bolt fabrics:

No, we do not. While our name can be a little confusing now, we at one time were a mill that produced fabrics. These days, we are a retailer that carries high-end clothing.

4) How long have you been in business?

We started right here in Salt Lake City in 1905 and have been here ever since!

5) How do you decide what to carry in your store?

We literally search the globe to find unique, high quality, high fashion items and the latest trends. We are not like the mall stores. Nothing we carry is mass produced or send to us on a whim. We individually pick out each item with our customers in mind. Exclusivity is our specialty!

6) Do you ship?

Yes! We are happy to ship your purchased items to you!

7) Do you deliver?

Yes! With a little notice, we are happy to deliver your purchased items to your home or office

8) Do I need an appointment?

No, but we are happy to schedule one for you. We are also happy to come to your office and fit you if you don't have time to make it to our store.

9) Do you have rental suits or tuxes?

No, but we do have great suits and tuxes for sale that we will tailor to you so you look great on the big day.

10) Do you offer re-weaving?

We do not reweave, many times, a simple dart or patch fan fix the problem. However if a reweave is necessary we would point you to American Weaving in Chicago