Expert Tailoring by UWM Men’s Shop

The Men Behind the Seams

Our custom tailored suits and high-end men’s fashion are only as good as the professional tailors who carefully and expertly fit you for your made-to-measure suits.

At the end of the day, flawless style comes down to the perfect fit. Men’s tailored suits have a noticeable superior quality in part because of their fine materials, but the true artistry is a result of expert tailoring services. Skillful and stylish, tailored luxury suits are a work of art.

Hand pick the designs, fabrics, and features that will make up your custom made suit, then meet with our in-house tailors for alterations and finishing touches. Before you get to take home your tailored suit, we’ll do one last fitting to ensure that you’re satisfied with the fit and feel.


At least one of our professional tailors is always available at our men’s fashion shop in downtown Salt Lake City. We prefer that you call or schedule a fitting in advance, however we do offer walk-ins on a first come, first served basis. 

Complementary alterations for in-store purchases

Your tailored suit wouldn’t be complete without the perfect fit. Every high-end luxury suit and sports coat  purchased at UWM Men’s Shop comes with free tailoring services to make the outfit match the man.

Need tailoring services for a suit bought somewhere else?

Don’t worry, we’ll cut you some slack. Men’s clothing purchased at other locations also can be altered at UWM Men’s Shop. Contact us about the items you want made to measure and we’ll take it from there.

Less time, same expert precision

Many high-end suit stores in Salt Lake City estimate 3 weeks or even longer in turnaround time. You could wait that long for your tailored suit. Or, you could get a higher quality luxury suit, precisely tailored to you in one day if needed! We may be biased, but we know which option we’d choose. 

Generally, men’s tailored suits purchased in store take 1 week for alterations, while suits purchased from other stores usually take 2 weeks to complete alterations unless we have a large workload of other alterations. 

When necessary and depending on other items in our workload, we even offer same-day alterations for a last-minute special occasion or emergency. Our tailors also will keep track of your precise measurements to get you fitted more quickly on your next visit. 

Call us to learn more about tailoring services for other men’s fashion pieces in your wardrobe, including dress shirts and slacks.


Get the unique, high-luxury suits that only UWM Men’s Shop can offer in the Salt Lake Valley, custom-made to your taste and tailored to perfection. Contact us today to schedule your fitting and full-service tailoring.