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Fittings for Tailored Luxury Suits

Redefine yourself with a custom tailored suit from some of the finest luxury brands in the world. With our personalized appointments, finding the right suit has never been easier.

1. Request an Appointment

First things first, let us know when you would like to schedule a suits fitting or if you’ll be shopping for other items such as blazers, sport coats, shoes, ties, belts, etc.

2. Talk with a Stylist

One of our sales associates will respond to your appointment request within 24 hours to select a time for your fitting. During this call or over email, our stylist will get to know you a little more so that we can have some men’s suit selections ready for you upon arrival. Feel free to discuss any concerns or hopes you have in finding the best suit for you.

3. Try Suits On for Size

On the day of your appointment, come in to our men’s suit shop in downtown Salt Lake City to see how you look in a number of designer suits that are fit for any formal occasion or special event. Discuss what you like with your personal stylist in this one-on-one appointment, or bring the guys in to all get fitted for tailored suits in a single go.

4. Customize Made to Measure Suits

If you’re in the market for custom-made suits, we’ll present you with all the little details available for the choosing before finalizing an order. Feel fine fabrics from esteemed designers all around the world and pick out buttons, inside lining, lapel and pocket designs, thread colors and other intricate details that will define your custom suit.

5. Measurements and Tailoring

No matter the fabric or design, what will make your suit stand out as your own will be its custom tailoring. UWM’s expert tailors will take your exact measurements depending on how loose or fitted you want the suit to feel. Afterwards, you’re free to go while they work their magic. Generally turnaround time for tailored suits purchased in-store is about a week. Other clothing or suits purchased from a different store may take two weeks to complete, depending on our tailor’s current workload.

6. The Final Fit

Once tailoring is complete, we’ll arrange a final appointment with you to ensure the fit and feel of the suit and to check that every detail is how you want it. All final measurements and any adjustments will be noted in our system so that it’s ready for your next suits purchase.