Eton Shirts for Every Occasion

Different in style, impeccable in elegance and performance. Eton dress shirts present the ultimate experience for each and every style and occasion. Formal or casual, this luxury collection will upgrade your wardrobe in an instant.

Complete with 4 fits for every neck size, Eton can fit anyone perfectly right off the hanger. Choose between Super Slim, Slim, Contemporary, and Classic sizes along with a wide variety of dapper shirt designs.

Eton’s organically treated fabric is totally no maintenance. Simply wash, hang dry, and wear. You will find that your shirt looks like it has been pressed each time you put it on.

Men’s Tailored Suits to Match the Shirt

Whether you go for a solid color or patterned shirt, let stylists at UWM Men’s Shop help you find the perfect tailored suit to match.

We carry a wide selection of luxury men’s suits to fit every budget and style. Each shirt and suit purchased in-store receives a complimentary suit fitting by our expert clothes tailors.

Find your perfect fit shirt and luxury men’s suit today. Schedule a fitting or stop by our men’s clothing shop in Salt Lake City’s City Creek Mall for a walk-in appointment. We work with every customer one-on-one to identify your style and customize pieces that will redefine your look.