2 Fail-Proof Steps to Dressing Well

I know you are thinking that it takes much more than reading two simple steps from a blog to give someone and incredible sense of style, but trust us, it's that simple.  People have no trouble putting their trust in a doctor's hands when they're sick, nor do they struggle with the idea that a professor should teach upper level courses at the University.  But somehow, Americans have missed the fact that a professional Clothier is key to gaining their individual style.  These two tips will do more for you than any 70% off sale or any buy-one-get-four-free deals you will come across. 1) Get to know somebody who knows what they are doing, and ask them!  You might be shaking your head at the obvious nature of the number one tip, but you might also fail to follow this step.  You see the large corporate machines that produce mounds of the same product and market them at the same malls across the country, pushing the same jacket on any individual with a pulse and a credit card.  Instead of relying on the mega advertising that is sent to everyone, find yourself a specialty store where the products can be tailored to your individual needs.  Get to know a sales associate who knows their own style and can help you find yours.

2) Buy less, get more.  Maybe not as obvious as tip number one, number two is all about buying fewer items that will get you more mileage.  The name of the game is QUALITY.  If you can only afford one nice shirt or three bargain shirts, buy the nice shirt.  If the choice is between one pair of jeans that fit you well or the big box jeans that only fit your budget, buy the quality jeans that fit.  Over time, quality will fulfill and bargains will disappoint.

 There you have it.  Follow these two simple steps and you will be a style icon in your own circle.  Find someone who knows the business of style, and buy the best quality items you can afford.