Winter Overcoats and Sportcoats | Salt Lake City | City Creek Center

Layers can either make or break an outfit. You put on your favorite suit, and add the layers on until your winter coat makes you feel like Randy from A Christmas Story. The hybrid jacket, beyond unique, is a sporty winter coat and we have ours that range our fabrics and and variations in them with Loro Piana fabrics. Making it a nice soft wool and we even have some with the cashmere touch to them as well.


The hybrid concept has leaked into ¾ jackets. Full length trench coats are not only bulky, but constrictive, these jackets reach almost to your knee level, adding class and elegance to your winter wardrobe.  

A nice night in the city dining out with coworkers or friends. Hybrid jackets are a must, as they have a detachable bib that will zip right out. In the cold and if you pick up the storm system jacket they are wind proof, no more need for a scarf wrapped around your neck. Once you are in the restaurant or a meeting unzip out the bib and you have an eloquent sport coat.  

rs-hybrid (1).jpg

Big coats can be a hassle. You no longer have to hang them at the door, simply wear them to the table. The most beautiful things are the classiest. These hybrids are the pieces that will keep you stylish whether you love in Florida and need a sport coat, but fly to New york and need that extra windscreen. It really is the beauty behind the madness of modern day fashion, and the hottest winter item in our one hundred thirteen year business.