Pocket Squares | Salt Lake City, Utah | UWM Men's Shop

In the business world, much is to be said about the outfits that define our character. Behind ever well-suited man there is a soul, and that soul is as different as night and day from those around it. In order to break that mold and fall into a world of cookie cutter suits, feel free to express yourself with subtle but wardrobe changing accessories.


One of the subtlest ways to spruce up your outfit is by shoving a pocket square into your suits breast pocket. The history of the pocket square has a bright and colorful past and is oftentimes mistaken for handkerchiefs. Anciently pocket squares were doused with fragrance in order to mask the smell of body odors. King Richard II is often considered the inventor of the pocket square as a fashion accessory.


In the 19th century, as two-piece suits came into fashion, pocket squares became more prevalent as an aesthetic to the outfit. It was also common to see men with two handkerchiefs, one used as a tissue, and another as a fashion garment. With the rise of tissues, the nose blowing handkerchief was relatively made obsolete. The pocket square rose into the decorative accessory we know and love today.


You can fold it into a square and just have a nice flat splash of color or neutral white. You can pinch the corner and have the tips peak out in an almost flower form. Pocket-squares can and should be in the same color family as your tie but should not be the same color or pattern. Setting is also a huge factor in how subtle or bold your pocket square should be. For black tie events. Your square should be contemporary and subtle, for more relaxed parties, have fun. You are the captain of your outfit. Do not be afraid to be bold.