Utah Woolen Mills is now UWM Men's Shop

Utah Woolen Mills has evolved over an exciting 113 years in the fine clothing business. A rich history of first being established as a mill in 1905 made our business a household name for the finest woolen goods in the region. Later our business advanced to offering retail in the mid-1900’s. In recent years, we have been serving the Salt Lake City area with the finest clothing in the world, perfected by the best tailoring staff in the nation.


As we continue to grow as a business, we had some tough choices to make - we can only expand in so many directions! As a result, we have decided to close our women’s shop and expand our men’s department. This change also comes with an update of our store name to match what we are: a men’s fine clothing shop. We are excited to now be known as UWM Men’s Shop. We look forward to continuing to provide the finest suits and menswear along with the best tailoring.


At the brink of the new season, many new items line our racks that will perfectly round out any man’s wardrobe. From sport coats to full suiting, our associates help you build and navigate a cutting edge wardrobe that goes from boardroom to the fun stuff. Come in and see our variety of merchandise - I’m sure something will catch your eye.