Men's Bracelets | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek Center Mall

Fashion is a fluid and ever-changing concept; a spectrum with endless possibilities of dress and accessory combinations. Today, maybe more than ever, we are seeing these accessories paired with daring colors on contemporary clothing cuts. These components lead to a truly modern outfit - sophisticated, precise, eye-catching, and overall well put together. Bracelets and cufflinks are great accessories that can go along with nearly any outfit. With many different styles and colors available, there is surely an accessory to go well with the rest of your outfit.



Tateossian is a wonderful company out of England producing designer luxury jewellery for men and women. In store we carry their bracelets, but they also create top of the line cufflinks, tie clips, pins, and various other accessories. Nowadays, with style and fashion evolving so quickly, bracelets can act similarly to watches. A bracelet works as a nice and relatively simple piece to accent or compliment your composed outfit. In fact, you’ll see many of us employees proudly wearing these bracelets to enhance our attire!



Another great accessory are cufflinks. Similar to the bracelets, Tateossian produces top of the line cufflinks as well. Cufflinks were originally created to literally link the cuffs of your shirt. However, they have now evolved into an opportunity to personalize your outfit and add some flair. Here at UWM Men’s Shop, we carry quite a variety of cufflinks - from more “flashy” ones (like skulls or small flash drives) to traditional silver pieces. There is almost definitely a cufflink here that will catch your eye and can enhance your outfit.



Overall, accessories are meant to build upon and enhance an outfit. Whether you’re dressed formally and conservatively for an event, or more casually and loosely, there are accessories that can add that finishing touch that distinguishes you from the rest.