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Spring is an exciting time for mens fashion. Packing away all of our heavy wool suits and sweaters. Adding a few jackets with bold patterns and colors can be a really fun addition to an otherwise classic wardrobe. Wearing these types of jacket is a great way to mix up your style when you want to make a statement.

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The key to wearing a jacket with bold patterns or colors is to dress with subtlety. The focus should be on the well-tailored jacket and your personal demeanor. Don’t overthink it. A great white or solid blue shirt provides a simple palette for you to build upon. We all own a few of these shirts and it’s an easy choice if you’ve never worn a jacket on the bolder side. Pairing this with a solid colored trousers for example navy, lighter greys, or charcoal (again letting the jacket be the focus). Having several pairs of solid color trousers in your wardrobe to mix with different patterned jackets during the spring season will simplify the pairing.

Wearing a tie isn’t required when sporting a jacket like this. Unbutton that top shirt button rock the business casual look, not to mention comfort! If you do choose to wear a tie, make it something solid or very minimal patterns. Wearing cotton, linen or a simple silk knit can be a well-rounded choice. Lastly, loafers or even a nice pair of dress sneakers should be a repeat theme this spring. Investing in a few pairs of no-show socks should be a priority, unless you would rather go sockless.

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Wearing a bold jacket takes one major factor: confidence. Men are inherently afraid of breaking away from what they know, DON’T BE!!  At UWM Men’s Shop we are happy to help, from picking out the right jacket to what to wear it with, let us help. Owning a bold sport coat or two will let you freely express and explore your personal style while giving you a much needed break from the expected.