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Italian Suit Styles

When you walk in streets of Italy, you might be surprised about their outstanding taste and style and wonder if it’s inherent. In fact, fashion could be learned! Today, I’d like to tell you some basic information about Italian suit styles.

            Since 12th century, there are four areas (Milan, Firenze, Roma, and Napoli) that have been well-known by their textiles and leather goods. The tradition makes Italy be a multi-centered and multi-school fashionable empire. There are three main categories of Italian suits distinguished by different cuts and fabrication processes.

            The first one is the school of Milano, and it’s close to British style. There’s a constant slope at shoulder area, and they use slice shoulder pad. Full lining on bust area, softly tailored at waist part, mostly single breasted with two buttons, two vents. There’s usually one dart in pants. In general, the outline of Milano is smooth and round.


           The second one it the school of Rome, and it is separated into two styles: Italian-Roma and Soft-Roma. The former one is special in clean and simple line. There’s no dart on the suit, and it’s perfectly fit as well as comfortable. The latter one is apparently soft, dent shoulder plus slightly cocked design. Moreover, the draped cut on bust area increase the scholarly look.



The last but not least one is the school of Naples, and it’s a modified version of British draped suits. The most famous feature is their “Neapolitan Shoulder”. The line in shoulder part is very mellow and full, usually no shoulder pads or extremely thin one. The position of lapel is high, and it’s width roughly over half of chest. They leave some space at waist, and upper the waist dart. Often two vents at in height. There’s dart in pants and ham at bottom of trousers.

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