People often ask us, "What is the difference between a $900 suit and a $5,000 suit?" That is a great question...
We'll use Brioni's suits to help us answer that one for us.
In suit construction (much like a car) there are varying levels of construction.  Many suits that you find are constructed with what's referred to as FUSED construction (Honda). A FUSED jacket is essentially a jacket thats inner structure is glued together with piece of facing for structure (these suits are typically in the $100 - $1000 range depending of fabric selection). Over time this fusing will deteriorate and cause puckering and defections in the suit jacket.
On the other hand, at UWM 90% of our suits are constructed with a form of construction referred to as full or partial CANVAS construction, and the creme of the crop are our Brioni suits (Rolls Royce). With canvas constriction there is no fusing or gluing; therefore, nothing internally that can deteriorate or separate. The canvas is hand-sewn on the interior of the jacket between the silk lining and the outer, front panel of the jacket. This method of suit construction is worth its weight in gold and adds an immense difference in the longevity of your suit.

Brioni suits are arguably the nicest suits in the world and come standard with FULL CANVAS construction. Every little detail on their jackets are hand sewn (we're talking predominately needle and thread) to allow the perfect about of give, flexibility and fit in their garments.

If you've never had a chance to try one of the babies on, come in to UWM and feel for yourself the difference that hand-tailored, full-canvas constriction makes (even if it's just to try one on).

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