Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is finally in the air!
It's an amazing time of year but it can, however, be a little trickier to dress yourself in the warmer weather and still look nice.
The solution:
seersucker, polos, chinos (khakis) and lighter colors.

Seersucker is a very light-weight cotton fabric that will make the warmer temperatures much more manageable. Pair it with a polo and you're good to go!
Chinos (khakis) are a great option for the spring/summer for a couple of reasons:
1) They go with just about everything
2) They are also very light weight.
3) Their lighter colors a great for warmer weather.
You might even branch out and get a colored chino!
Remember this guy?
If polos aren't an option for work, use this ETON model as an example for a great spring/summer outfit. A navy suit, light colored shirt, and a pop of color with a pocket square...Money.
With a huge new shipment of seersucker, khakis and polos, we are ready to help you look and feel as hot as it is outside!

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