Canali | Utah Woolen Mills

Canali Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah


            We are so excited that Canali is coming in Utah Woolen Mills this fall. I know you might have heard about this top brands before, but I bet you would be surprised by their relentless pursuit of excellence of creation and quality.



Canali currently offers a choice of over 500 fabrics for made to measure outfits including exclusive seasonal selections. Baby Cashmere Chincilla for feathery, soft and warm cloaks, cashmere-mink and cashmere-sable for that silky smooth touch; perfection in the finest wools like Super 160’s and 200’s or the penultimate wool-angora-cashgora blend. They use high quality, luxurious wools for their winter suits, and also have cotton and linen blends available for their summer suits.


Canali produces a giant amount of suits on a daily basis. This allows for more color distinctions than most high end designers in its class besides classic blacks, blues, and grays.



Every cloth roll is examined by expert hands that measure the fabric’s weight, check its front and rear sides, and assess all its features. Striving for perfection in every hidden detail, that is why every single element that will form a jacket is made in house. Before assemblage, each part of the jacket is brought together and again carefully checked. Once more, before going through the final stages of tailoring, their jackets are completed with the final details. Overall, the finished piece whispers luxury through the perfection of every tiny detail.


Adding creative flair with innovative designs and leading edge production techniques to the mix, Canali continues to push on with the same talent and creative vision that made them the leading purveyors of men’s luxury fashion



Canali suits are guaranteed for wear ability, comfort and suppleness. With a huge range of color choices, material variations, faultless Italian tailoring and care, Canali become one of the top ten suit brands in the world and will satisfy professionals who demand the very best!

            Our official launch date for Canali is September 10th and we hope to see you there! In the mean time, we do carry a large selection of their basic suits just to wet your appetite.