Double Breasted Suit | Salt Lake City, Utah

You may have seen glimpses of people online bringing double breasted suits back and we have got to say that we love the new look! Slim, trim, updated and fitted. We have a few models in the store with more to come - and of course we can always custom make you one! Let's take a look at the updated version of the new double breasted jackets - where they come from and where they are now.




The 90's are a great place to start if you ever want to easily see how far menswear has come. Take these double breasted suits for example. At this time, Pierce Brosnan was in peak physical condition but looks like he has never lifted a weight. Brad Pitt was in Fight Club shape, but again, looks like the kid we all picked on. A draping full fit never did anybody any good. If you are out there cringing at the thought of double breasted coming back, we don't blame you if this is the image in your head.




These images make it pretty easy to see the dramatic difference between the two eras of double breasted. The button stance of the jackets is higher on the new version, the sleeves tapered, waist slim. They accentuate the chest how a proper suit should and highlight masculine areas. Isaia double breasted suits, as seen above in charcoal, has really been the front runner in terms of style. They are the most purchased high end double breasted jacket - and we may be a little bias, but are some of our favorites as well. Other contenders would be Kiton or our own Richards Street.

Come on in and try out a double breasted jacket and see what the update can do for you and your inner Bond.