Eton Shirts: The Perfect Fit

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re shopping for a dress shirt and you find one that catches your attention. You try it on and its the same story, it just doesn't fit right. The armholes are too low, the sleeves aren't the right length, the shirt is so big you feel like you could go camping in it. It seems like it is impossible to find a shirt that fits you just the way you want. When the idea of custom shirts passes your mind you can't imagine purchasing something without trying it on first, let alone having to wait 6 weeks for it to be made and shipped to you.
Until we found Eton shirts we felt the same way.
Eton shirts have eliminated the pain of trying tirelessly to find a shirt that fits the way it should. They have created 4 unique fits: Super Slim, Slim, Contemporary, and Classic, each available in every neck size. For the tall guys out there they even an option to get extra long sleeves which will also add length to the shirt itself. From tall and thin too short and stout Eton has created the perfect shirt for you.