Isaia Shirts: Made by Hand


As the summer comes to a close and the weather grows cold, one phrase refreshes from our minds; cold weather is coming! And with the change of colors in the leaves also comes the time to update our outfits.  Last week we talked a little about what makes Isaiah suits so different. If you haven't come by to see for yourself we strongly recommend you do. This week it's their shirts that are the topic of discussion.


            Much like ties, shoes, and socks, you can never have enough shirts.  Designers around the world are always thinking of creative ways to create colors and patters to keep people always looking stylish and unique. Isaiah is no different. Like we mentioned with suits last week, Isaiah has their own textile designer who creates exclusive fabric patters for their shirts. This way you can know that the shirts you get are individual - like you.


            Each Isaiah shirt, from the button hole to the sleeves, is sewn by hand to give it more flexibility during movement while keeping a trim body-forming fit. The armholes are sewn onto the body of the shirt, bit pitched forward, to give you more comfort in the shoulders as well. The buttons are hand carved mother-of-pearl, giving them a glossy finish that will never fade. One of our favorite features of the shirt might be one of the biggest reasons you have to see them for yourself, because it's hard to believe it until you see it with your own eyes. The patters on the collar follow through to match with the pattern on the shirt. For example. If you are wearing one of their striped shirts then the striped on the collar will match exactly the stripes on the shirt.




             There is something to be said about wearing a piece of clothing that was totally made by hand. The button holes alone on an Isaia shirt take over 3 hours per shirt to complete. The ease of movement is unmatched. This is the season for handmade goods.