Isaia Ties


            Ties are very popular here at Utah Woolen Mills and we have a lot of them. Some of the newest ties we have in the store though are from Isaia, a high end Italian company. If you’ve been read our blog before, you’ve probably heard a little about how Isaia likes to go above and beyond when it comes to quality in style in their suits and shirts - their ties are no different.



Ties have a long history, and have changed a lot throughout the years. Some of the earliest origins of the tie are a cravat, which was worn by the mercenaries of Croatia in the 17th Century. Over time this simple piece of fabric worn around the neck began to symbolize professionalism, style, and individuality.



Most of us wear ties quiet frequently, and are always on the hunt for one that is both comfortable and stylish. Isaiah offers just that. They have a great collection of a particular tie called a 7-fold. Seven fold ties are made from one big piece of fabric that is folded over (you guessed it) seven times. This type of tie was actually extremely common a few decades ago, but during World War Two the government began rationing fabric, and a tie with less fabric was produced. This simpler tie eventually became the norm, and since it was cheaper to make, most companies stuck with this less expensive model. Isaiah knows never to compromise with quality, and have stuck with the original seven fold tie model to this day. While all this might sound great, you might still be asking, “What makes a seven fold tie so great?” They have a heavier weight due to the greater amount of fabric within the tie, causing it to rest firm and straight off of your neck. The large amount of fabric also helps give it a fuller knot.


So while we may have a lot of great ties, we are excited to carry even more with the introduction of the Isaia ties in our store. We know that when you stop by and try them on, you’ll be excited too.