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Eton has crafted fine men's shirts since 1928. The original factory and headquarters remain in Gånghester, Sweden, where their very first shirts were sewn. Eton has evolved from Swedish craftsmanship and attention to detail, today they are a global leading shirt maker and can be found in 49 markets at some of the world's most exclusive stores.


Sustainability is important. For Eton, high quality equals sustainability. Eton aims to produce long-lasting garments and to minimize negative environmental and social impact while doing so. They say that “the first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote durable and timeless products.” This sustainability also transfers to how you care for your shirt; the better you take care of the nice garment, the longer it lasts, hence reducing the environmental impact of the garment itself.

All of Eton’s shirt fabrics are made from scratch to guarantee the high performance that characterizes their shirts. The garments are long-lasting and should inspire to care for them in the best way possible. Eton strives to constantly renew themselves. Working close with suppliers enables them to innovate fine shirting and create unique shirts and accessories.


Each Eton shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12 000 stitches. To create the perfect fit for any body type Eton has designed four different body fits per neck size, from trim super slim to their generous classic fit. With Etons different styles you will have a shirt for every occasion - from timeless business to formal evening wear and weekend staples.


At UWM one of our favorite things about Etons is you can wash it at home, no need for dry cleaning, wash it in cold water and hang it up to dry. Stretch the cuff, collar and front placket touch it up with an iron if you like a crisp shirt. Eton is truly an easy car shirt. Stop by UWM Men’s Shop and check out our Eton selection today.