2019 Spring/Summer Trends | UWM Men's Shop | Salt Lake City, Utah

Now that we are approaching the spring and summer seasons here’s a few trend tips to keep your closet fresh!!

Faded Denim Jeans

Lighten-up this season with jean that’s not only lighter in color, but also a denim that’s literally lighter in weight. From high-fashion brands like Kiton and Brioni, to denim labels we love like Paige and AG, light wash jeans are dominating the denim game this spring. Though many men opt for a darker wash, switching up shades in favor of lighter washes is officially the denim move in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for “light washed denim” are up 70 percent. Thankfully, lighter shades of denim are just as versatile as their darker predecessors.

Knit Polos

A sporty polo is an excellent alternative to a dress shirt or casual T-shirt. Knit polos have a unique quality to them that offers a hint of a vintage vibe for modern, refined style. The soft cotton-blend fabric will keep you cool and looking great with confidence.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers dominated women’s fashion in 2018, and they’re heading straight for men’s fashion in 2019. It’s time for guys to show a little skin (ankles, guys, ankles). As we say here at UWM “when you have ankles that look this good you gotta show them off!” It can also be the perfect opportunity to show off a cool pair of socks—or the new pair of sneakers or loafers you just got.



Floral print is a must have in 2019. From button up dress shirts, polos, ties and other accessories to t shirts and swim trunks floral patterns are here. Only a few years ago, this sort of thing might have been considered questionable.  Style however, is constantly shifting under our feet, and opinions like these just seem humorous. Flowers are trending people, and as a result designers are employing them like never before. You should follow suit.

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