How to take care of your Suit | UWM Men's Shop | Salt Lake City, Ut


Only clean your suit when it is physically dirty, in most cases spot cleaning yourself will be sufficient. In some cases dry-cleaning may be necessary. You never want to over dry-clean a garment.


Dry cleaning is a chemical wash that can wear down the fabric if you do it too often. Think of it like dipping the garment in a chemical that “scrapes away” the very surface layer of the fabric. Eventually the fibers begin to weaken.

If your suit just needs a refresh, have it professionally pressed. To have your suit pressed is much cheaper than dry-cleaning, and the heat and steam will kill most of the bacteria and clean it sufficiently in most cases without weakening the suit fibers.


It’s a good idea to steam your suit before or after each wear. This brings it back to its natural state, and natural hang. This can be as simple as hanging it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.


After you take your suit off, always hang it up immediately. Don’t throw it in the hamper. Don’t toss it on the ground. Don’t throw it over a chair. Hang it on a proper hanger. This will allow it to return to its natural shape, dry out any moisture shape, and ultimately help it last longer.


Try not to wear a suit two days in a row. Like a pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to allow the garment to fully dry-out and catch its breath. Even a workhorse needs a break to perform its best.


When traveling with a suit, make sure that you have a proper suit bag. Suit bags help to fold your suit properly and minimize wrinkles. It also protects your suit from being damaged during travel.


If you change weight/shape and the suit is not fitting as well as it could, consider getting it altered. A properly adjusted fit doesn’t just look and feel good, it also helps a garment last longer.