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As the groom, all eyes will be on you and your partner, of course you want to look your best. Don't worry, at UWM Men’s Shop we've got you covered.

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Your attire should be appropriate for your venue and match with the overall vibe of your wedding. If your wedding is in the daytime or outdoors, you can wear something more casual, fabrics such as linen, cotton or seersucker. For an evening affair in a ballroom or hotel, go with a darker, well-tailored suit or tux. 

Be sure to dress for your body type. Keep in mind that even the most expensive suit or tux will look and feel awful if it doesn't fit right. Make sure you can move, do twists, turns and arm raises to make sure there's plenty of mobility to show off your sick dancing skills. 

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Traditionally, the groomsmen wear attire that's the same as or similar to that of the groom, but it's up to you. If you aren't planning for all the guys in your wedding party to wear the exact same suit or tux, it's important that their outfits match in style and feel with yours. Aim to pair your groomsmen style to that of the bridesmaids, if the bridesmaids have a vintage vibe, have the guys dressed to match.

To gain a unique look, it's in the details. Have your guys wear a cool boutonniere, a bow tie or necktie, even cuff links can add a fun and unique style to your precedings. If you have two wedding colors, you can wear one of the shades while the rest of the guys wear the other. For a more formal affair, have the groomsmen wear a tux with a black vest and bow tie, while you rock a white vest and tie. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality. 

At UWM we have all the suits, tuxedos, accessories and expertise needed to make sure you look amazing on your day. Stop in today!!