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What’s the difference? Tuxedo vs. Suit.  At UWM we are here to help!

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Tuxedo Fabric

Tuxedos and suits are generally made from wool, one difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the use of satin fabric in areas of the tuxedo. Satin is used on tuxedo lapels, buttons, the pocket piping and the stripe down the leg of the pant. 


Tuxedo jackets have a few distinguishing design features for their lapels. Suit jacket can have a notch lapel or a peak lapel, however, a tux jacket may also have a Shawl Lapel. Like the notch and peak lapels, shawl lapels on a tuxedo is commonly reserved for celebratory events or dinners. Notch lapels are a more casual style of lapel, rarely will you find notch lapels on a tux jacket.  

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In addition to having satin covered buttons, the tuxedo jacket generally will have a one button design. Suit jackets range from one to three buttons. A single button tux jacket forms long unbroken lines in the front giving you a clean and sleek look. 


Another difference between a tux and a suit jacket is the pockets. Tuxedo jackets won’t have the traditional flapped/patch pockets found on suits and casual blazers. Tuxedos generally will have what is known as a Jetted Pocket. A jetted pocket has a satin piping along the pocket opening, this type of pocket helps in adding to the clean lines of the tuxedo.

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If you can find the bright blue or orange tuxedos donned by Lloyd and Harry on Dumb and Dumber we salute you. Typically black and blue tuxedos are the most common and appropriate for any event or formal occasion. 


There are differences between tuxedo and suit pants. Tuxedo pants have a satin strip down the side of the pant legs to match the satin on the jacket. This strip runs along the outer seam. This adds to the sleek appearance of the rest of the tuxedo. Unlike most pants, tuxedo pants don’t have belt loops to keep the clean aesthetic of tuxedo style. To keep the pants up wear them at the right height. A good tailor like Anwar our Master Tailor at UWM can help with this. Suspenders are another solution to keeping your britches up and definitely add to the dapper look.

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