Brioni | Salt Lake City, Utah


Brioni, the venerable Italian menswear maker, is named for an archipelago off the Croatian coast frequented by Europe’s rich and famous in the first decades of the 20th century the brand still bespeaks money, power, and success, having won a passionate following among CEOs, movie stars, and assorted world leaders.


Founded in 1945 in Rome by master tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and businessman Gaetano Savini, Brioni sought from the start to challenge conventional fashion. It introduced innovative color palettes, and fabrics, and staged the menswear industry’s first fashion show, in 1952, at the Pitti Palace in Florence. The brand announced its arrival in the U.S. in 1964 by draining the fountains at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel and transforming them into a runway.


In Brioni you find the most most precious fibers in all the world. If you want to have the best of the best look no further. With the suits gong from $6,900 to even a $17,000 with a super-210 wool. They are the company that has 220 steps and more than 24 hours of effective workmanship.

Brioni is a deeply rooted family. If you want to look the best. Then look no further, CEO, movie stars, and so many world leaders. The brand will always speak power, success, and money. Power is something men love to have. What Brioni does they speak power with what you wear. If you want something you can wear in a meeting or just walking around downtown Brioni is a must. With how much business men love to speak with power and authority it is a must to wear what you say.


With how I have seen men dress we all want something that is the best and that will last. With the super-210 wool that is what you will get! The price tag is much less in the future with how much you will get out of it. If you want to be the best of the best wear best of the best.