Kiton | City Creek Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

When I say the phrase 24 hours, you might think of the length of a day or a week at a part-time job. I think of Kiton. That is the minimum number of hours it takes to make one jacket, by hand, in the Kiton factory. Painstakingly sewn, each jacket is as much a work of art as the clothes on your back. For those privileged enough to try one on, you will know just what I mean.


Starting in 1956, fifth generation fabric merchant Ciro Paone co-founded Kiton with Antonio Carola. In 1968 the brand launched and is currently run by Antonio Paone and Antonio De Matteis, nephews of Ciro. Since their humble beginnings, they now employ over 350 tailors, the majority of which are younger than 40. In a world of fast, disposable fashion, it is a good sign that they are sticking around.


Keeping in line with their origins as a fabric merchant, they have some of the most limited textiles in the industry. Woven in their own factory of Lanificio Carlo Barbera, Only 17 suits or 22 jackets can be made out of any given fabric, making sure you will never blend in with the crowd. It is this exclusivity, and the immense amount of time needed that upholds their motto The best of the best plus one.


Starting at $7495 for a sport coat, they are the premier designer we carry. At the upper end of their tailoring you have the K-50 line, taking a single tailor 50 hours to produce. For the right price, you can even have a master tailor fly to you for the bespoke process. Exquisite is an understatement!Next chance you have, come on down and try one. You will know in an instant that somebody took the time to make it right. It is a rare thing in this world, and an experiencewe are excited to share.