Kiton Suits | Salt Lake City, Utah

Kiton was founded in 1956 by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant who made a visionary move into tailoring. From then on, they insist that everything goes around the quality of the fabrics. They have always worked with leading fabric producers, motivating research for new qualities of yarns to create the most exclusive fabrics in the world. Furthermore, with the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted creations, Kiton gradually has become the finest clothing brand in the world.

Today we are pleased to introduce their top three models of made to measure suits.



This suit model is made exclusively by five of our finest tailors, who follow its construction from the design concept to the definition of every single detail, devoting 50 hours of meticulous labor. Each of these tailors is able to produce a maximum of fifty K50 suits per year.


The K50 model follows the line of the wearer’s body in a natural way, so as to always guarantee a perfect fit.

The suit can be considered perfect because of its shape, its adaptability and the stitching of the fabric, its entirely handmade preparation and for its pockets, which are intricately finished in great detail.



As Kiton’s oldest and finest model, only a few of these suits being created a year by a single tailor who dedicates 40 hours to each individual apparel.

They produce The LASA model follows the shape of the body so thoroughly that it seems sewn on. This is even more apparent in the sleeves, tapered at the forearms, making the jacket as soft as a shirt.

When worn, the suit is extremely light, almost intangible. These qualities all derive from its inner ultra-fine linen canvas, unpadded shoulders, and the tailor’s skillful hand-stitching

Each stage of the production of a LASA garment is unique and meticulously undertaken: especially the modeling, ironing and sewing at the neck make this garment one of a kind. In other words, nothing is left to chance in this suit’s creation.



The CIPA model is the newcomer. Created in the sixties by Ciro Paone, it has recently been reinstated into the current collections with a revised styling, with the goal of improving the ancient tradition of Neapolitan tailoring but adapting it to modern trends in worldwide fashion.

A new shape, a slimmer outline and high-class fabrics designed specifically for Kiton that are motivated by the younger generations, who are fascinated by the elegance and superiority of the Kiton style and who like to dress smartly.

As always, the result is a matchless style, deriving both from the design concept and the finishing stages; every detail is studied to guarantee the maximum exclusivity to the man who wears this special making.

Our official launch date is going to be September, 10 in conjunction with our 110th anniversary party! We hope to see you all downtown Salt Lake so you can see and wear for yourself the finest in the world.