Santoni Shoes | Salt Lake City, Utah | City Creek

Excellence is a habit, not an accident. It is taking the time to put your best foot forward everyday, in every situation. It is the foundation to success and a good life. At Utah Woolen Mills, we are here to help you build that foundation and put your best foot, or perhaps shoe, forward. That shoe is Santoni.

Born out of the Marche, a bourgeoning area of Italy on the Adriatic Coast, Santoni was founded by Andrea and Rosa Santoni in 1975. While other manufacturers of the era would pride themselves on quantity, Santoni was focused staunchly on quality. Every process is overseen with impeccable quality control. Each leather is selected and inspected by a backlit magnifying lens, where only the finest are kept. Truly hand stitched and as close to bespoke as a shoe could get, they exemplify Italian craftsmanship. It is commitment to quality that keeps this family owned business on the forefront of men's fashion.

What is most striking though, is the depth of color. By hiring artists and art students to individually paint each shoe, you are ensured a truly singular pair. The crocodile skin is especially stunning, with care taken to shade and outline each scale. Very few companies would take the time! These details are subtle, but even from a distance you can tell there is a magic in Santoni. The leathers have an almost HD effect, ensuring you will turn heads as you go about your day. 

Here at Utah Woolen Mills we are proud to carry the Santoni line. Like Santoni, we pride ourselves on carrying only the finest, on classic construction, and on being fashion forward. They are the perfect compliment to a well tailored suit, a sport coat with slacks, or paired down with denim and a polo. They are a wonderful foundation to your wardrobe, and dressing well is an excellent habit to have.